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Driven to Help

Imagine a disease so rare there's no cure or treatment. Austin Crawford was diagnosed with MSA or Multiple System Atrophy. As his health fades we find Austin building a hot rod from his wheelchair and sharing his story to his followers on Tiktok.

Driven to Help Austin Crawford. with his dog Ammo in the park in Milford,Il.

Courage is knowing you'll lose the battle and Fighting Anyway!

Driven to Help (film)
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Driven to Help 16x9 format

Driven to Help is a feature movie that follows the story of Austin Crawford's journey with MSA to help those in need. It's an uplifting story of courage and hope, and it has struck a chord with audiences all over the world.

The film has now been released on Rotten Tomatoes, where viewers have praised the film for its inspiring take on the power of selflessness. Driven to Help is a must-see film that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Filmposter for Driven to Help the feature length dpcumentary called Driven to Help with a picture of his personal 1970 Dodge Dart.

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The film Driven to Help is an inspiring story about a young man named Austin Crawford who is living with a rare and terminal neurological illness with no treatment or cure. Despite his condition, he finds a way to remain positive and motivated to make the most out of every day.

Driven to Help is based on Austin’s real-life experiences and follows his journey as he works to make a difference in the world, no matter what challenges life throws his way. We invite you to join us on this incredible journey and be inspired by Austin’s courage and determination.
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Seoul International Monthly Film Festival Finalist laurel for the movie Driven to Help.
London International Monthly Film Festival Winner laurel for Driven to Help.
Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival Special Mention laurel for the movie Driven to Help.
Finalist Athens International Monthly Film Festival Finalist laurel for the movie Driven to Help
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Cult Critic Colection Laurel Award Winner laurel for the movie Driven to Help.
Chicago Indie Film Awards Driven to Help
Druk International Film Festival Award Winner laurel for the movie Driven to Help.
Best Inspirational Film  - Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival  - 2022.
Best Educational Film - Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival  - 2022
Best Documentary  - Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival  - 2022.png
Indifare Badge Award Winner
Wheels for a Cause 2 chairty started by Austin Crawford.

Driven to Help

Raise awareness of Multiple System Atrophy with this 1970 Dodge Dart and help others regain their Drive.

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