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 Fighting MSA: Austin Crawford's Story
Facing a devastating disease with no known cause or cure, Austin Crawford claims to be 'the richest man in the world' as he fights to pay it forward and keep his head in the wind.

Austin Crawford walking with his dog Ammo at the park in Watseka, Illinois with the text Fighting MSA Austin Crawford;s Story in purple. "richest man in the world" written in the center in purple for the film poster of Fighting MSA Austin Craford's Story.
Tokyo International Film Festival
Finalist  - Stourbridge Film Festival laurel.
Best Documentary  - Central States Indie
Honorable Mention  - Athens International
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Central States Indie Fam Film Festival laurel.
nominee-best-performative-documentary laurel.
award-of-honour_from Loneley Wolf London International Film Festival laurel.
nominee-best-documentary_orig. Lonely Wolf London International Film Festival
Finalist  - Beyond the Curve International Film Festival - 2021.
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Virgin Spring Cinefest - 2021.
Finalist  - Virgin Spring Cinefest - 2021.
Official Selection  - Golden State Film
International Christian music and film f
OFFICIAL SELECTION - 4th Dimension Indep
Finalist  - 4th Dimension Independent Fi
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Stourbridge Film Fe
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Focus International
Nominated for Best Short Film - Grapevin
Nominated for Best Documentary  - Grapev
OFFICIAL SELECTION - International Rare
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Beyond the Curve In
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Grapevine Film Fest
Nominated Best of Show  - Grapevine Film
TORONTO  - MOTORCYCLE Film Festival  - O
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Tonkawa Film Festival
Semi_Finalist_Selection for Focus International Film Festival
Commendation from Focus Film Festival.for Fighting MSA Austin Crawford's Story
Honorable_mention. from Reale Film Festival
Best Documentary  - Absurd Film Festival - Bimonthly awards - 2021.
Laurel Official selection for Cult Movies Film Festival 2021
Best Documentary  - Absurd Film Festival - Bimonthly awards - 2021
Honorable Mention  - Cult Critic Movie Awards - 2021 laurel.
FINALIST  - EdiPlay International Film Festival - 2021.
Cult Critic Winner Laurel.
Fox International Film Festival Official selection
Best Short Disability  - Cult Movies International Film Festival 4th Season - 2021.
Laurel for The Monthly Film Festival Best Documentary Nominee
TMFF Official laurel
BIFF Finalist Badge (Original Color)
Official Selection Multi Dimension Laurel
Multi Dimension Finalist laurel
Best Educational Film - Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival  - 2022.
Best Inspirational Film  - Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival  - 2022.
Best Documentary  - Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival  - 2022.
Black Swan Laurel Winner.
Indifare Badge Award Winner
Fighting MSA Austin Crawford's Story film laurel.
Calcutta International Cult Film Festival Laurel Winner
Outstanding Achievement from $th Dimension Independent Film Festival.
Kalaburagi International Film Festival laurel for Finalist Selction for Fighting MA Austin Crawford's Story.
Kalaburagi International Filmm Festival Laurel for Official Selection for Fighting MSA Austin Crawford's Story.
4th Diension Independent Film Festival 2022 Nominee laurel.
World Cannes Film Festival Best Film on Disability gold laurel for Fighting MSA Austin Crawford's Story.
Cannes World Film Festival Semi-Finalist laurel 2022
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Anatolia International Film Festival - 2023.
Virgin Spring Cinefest Sliver Award
Cannes Worlf Film Festival Finalist laurel 2022.
Cannes World Film Festival Winner laurel
Dreamz Catcher laureal of winner for Fighting MSA Austin's Story.
Los Angles Film Awards 2022 Quarter Finalist laurel
Los Angles Film Awards Official Selection 2022  laurel
Los Angeles Film Awards Semi-Finalist film laurel for the short film Fighting MSA Austin Crawford's Story.
Film Laurels for Fighting MSA
Short Films Matter review of Fighting MSA Austin Crawford's Story film laurel.
Best Documentary  - Tonkawa Film Festival.
gold film laurel clear background with a
ICTA _new.
Fighting MSA movie trailer
Toronto Motorcycle Film Fest
MSA Coalition

Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival

MSA Coalition

Austin Crawford has Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). It is a very rare and terminal neurological disease. Austin describes the symptoms as being similar to a combination of Parkinson's and ALS. Despite the diagnosis of MSA, he maintains a positive attitude as he works to create awareness and raise money for much needed research and education.For more information about Multiple System Atrophy go to: help, please consider a donation in honor of Austin to the Multiple System Atrophy Coalition: 

Directed by Phil Gioja

Multiple System Atrophy is a devastating and quickly-developing disease with no known cause or cure. By chance Phil Gioja connected with Austin, and after learning his story Center Street Productions partnered with The MSA Coalition to tell his bittersweet story as he faces this debilitating disease with a bold face and a community of friends.

Center Street Productions
MSA Movie Trailer
Short Films Matter Review
Short Films Matter film review on Fighting MSA Austin Crawford's Story

Fighting MSA: Austin Crawford’s Story


Diagnosed with a terminal neurological disease that is so rare there’s no treatment or cure. This informative and heartwarming documentary is filled with emotion from beginning to end. Follow the journey of how Austin Crawford learns that hope still exists.


An endearing documentary of endurance amid a medical setback.


Directed by Phil Gioja, ‘Fighting MSA: Austin Crawford’s Story’ is a short semi-biographical documentary film that presents the awe-inspiring perseverance of a man suffering from Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). Throughout the 15-minute runtime, viewers are guaranteed to absorb Crawford’s steely determination, charm and life-embracing attitude – an enthusiasm that would rival most of us. Set in Milford, Illinois, the documentary exhibits the benevolence of Crawford’s local community – as well the abiding support from his family and friends.


In spite of Austin’s life-limiting set back, his endearing character and psyche doesn’t shy away from flourishing. The audience can also expect a layman’s-terms education about his condition. MSA is a rare condition of the nervous system that causes gradual damage to nerve cells in the brain. This affects balance and movement which controls several basic functions – breathing and digestion. Irrespective of Crawford’s medical circumstance, his positive outlook and life passions – an avid motorcyclist – exhilarates every fiber of his being.


Phil Gioja’s technical craftsmanship and subject matter calls for applause and admiration. The film intentionally breaks-free from the pity-party normality of similar subject matters, and adopts an optimistic approach that is certain to connect, intrigue and inspire. Sound, post-production and cinematography are of a professional standard that will ensure engagement throughout. Highly recommended viewing.

gold star
gold star
gold star
Humanitarian Award

Humanitarian Award

Award of Distinction

Austin Crawford receives the 2022 Humanitarian Award on April 14, 2023 for the short film Fighting MSA Austin Crawford's Story.
Austin Crawford receives Humanitarian Award for the short film about his life called Fighting MSA Austin Crawford's Story on March 14th,2023.

Your production was hand selected by our judges and staff, from the entire pool of entries to the competition throughout 2022, as a film that represents both the spirit of humanitarianism combined with quality filmmaking craft. Best Shorts receives thousands of submissions each year. You can be justifiably proud of this honor!


The judges feel strongly that this year’s nominees brought light to many important global topics.  In addition to the Grand Prize winner, the judges have included three additional levels of Humanitarian awards so they could honor a broader group of dedicated filmmakers that conveyed so much talent and passion for their subjects. 


We honor and thank you for that.


We firmly believe that film can make impactful changes globally and the Best Shorts Humanitarian Awards are designed to give recognition to those illustrious filmmakers whose craft and message enlightens and inspires audiences to make a difference!


We appreciate the extremely important work you are doing to raise awareness and shift global paradigms. We are truly grateful for your talented filmmaking and dedication, and we honor YOU, as a filmmaker, for bringing awareness to the critical issues of our time.

Rick and the Best Shorts Team

Tonkawa Film Festival parade

Special Thanks

My wife
My family
My friends

The entire Reed  family 
 State Line Riders
Road  Relics Car Club
Camera crew
All of the Sponsors for the Wheels for a Cause 2.

To everyone who is fighting or has faced Multiple System Atrophy.
IMDB Testimonials



I have had the privilege and honor of meeting both Austin and Phil.

Austin Crawford is an Inspiration to all!

Austin is an Amazing example of what fighting for awareness is all about. This documentary is an eye opener to a devastating disease with no cure and no real treatments. Austin has been a crusader for MSA Awareness.



Austin is an Amazing example of what fighting for awareness is all about. This documentary is an eye opener to a devastating disease with no cure and no real treatments. Austin has been a crusader for MSA Awareness.

I have had the privilege and honor of meeting both Austin and Phil.

Austin Crawford is an Inspiration to all!

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