Fighting MSA: Austin Crawford's Story
Facing a devastating disease with no known cause or cure, Austin Crawford claims to be 'the richest man in the world' as he fights to pay it forward and keep his head in the wind.

Virgin Spring Cinefest Sliver Award
Tokyo International Film Festival
Finalist  - Stourbridge Film Festival -
Best Documentary  - Central States Indie
Honorable Mention  - Athens Internationa
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Central States Indi
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Finalist  - Virgin Spring Cinefest - 2021.png
Official Selection  - Golden State Film
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OFFICIAL SELECTION - 4th Dimension Indep
Finalist  - 4th Dimension Independent Fi
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Stourbridge Film Fe
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Focus International
Nominated for Best Short Film - Grapevin
Nominated for Best Documentary  - Grapev
OFFICIAL SELECTION - International Rare
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Beyond the Curve In
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Grapevine Film Fest
Nominated Best of Show  - Grapevine Film
TORONTO  - MOTORCYCLE Film Festival  - O
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Tonkawa Film Festiv
Best Documentary  - Tonkawa Film Festiva
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Honorable Mention  - Cult Critic Movie Awards - 2021.png
FINALIST  - EdiPlay International Film Festival - 2021.png
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Best Short Disability  - Cult Movies International Film Festival 4th Season - 2021.png
TMFF Official laurel
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Best Educational Film - Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival  - 2022.png
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Best Documentary  - Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival  - 2022.png
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Fighting MSA Austin Crawford's Story | Trailer
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MSA Coalition

Austin Crawford has Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). It is a very rare and terminal neurological disease. Austin describes the symptoms as being similar to a combination of Parkinson's and ALS. Despite the diagnosis of MSA, he maintains a positive attitude as he works to create awareness and raise money for much needed research and education.For more information about Multiple System Atrophy go to: help, please consider a donation in honor of Austin to the Multiple System Atrophy Coalition: 

Directed by Phil Gioja

Multiple System Atrophy is a devastating and quickly-developing disease with no known cause or cure. By chance Phil Gioja connected with Austin, and after learning his story Center Street Productions partnered with The MSA Coalition to tell his bittersweet story as he faces this debilitating disease with a bold face and a community of friends.

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To everyone who is fighting or has faced Multiple System Atrophy.
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